Tom Brady Addresses Rumors Of Becoming A New York Jet


Will Tom Brady come out of retirement and become a New York Jet now that quarterback Aaron Rodgers is out for the season? NFL fans across the nation seem to think so, as rumors began circulating following the news that Rodgers tore his Achilles.

The future Hall of Famer and former New England Patriot is addressing those rumors.

Tom Brady To Become A New York Jet?


In August 2023, future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets came to a three-year, $112.5 million deal, including $75 million in fully guaranteed money for 2023 and 2024. Unfortunately, Rodgers’ season with the Jets has already ended early as he suffered a ruptured Achilles just four plays into his Jets season debut.

Soon after, fans dropped names for who could take over Rodgers’s spot despite Zach Wilson being named the new starting quarterback. Even though he retired in February of this year, Tom Brady was among those names.

Now, Brady is addressing those rumors — putting them to bed. “No, no, no — next question!” Brady said in response to if he would be a New York Jet if the team reached out on his “Let’s Go!” podcast. “You already know. I love being with you guys on Mondays and what we got goin’.”

What Does The Future Hold For The Jets?

Green Bay Packers quarterback #12 Aaron Rodgers warms up before a game against the Chicago Bears in Chicago

Last week, just days after the injury, Rodgers broke his silence on the season-ending injury, writing, “Thank you to every person that has reached out, called, texted, DM’d connected through a friend, etc. It has meant a ton to me, and I’ll try and get back to all of you soon 🥹❤️. I’m completely heartbroken and moving through all the emotions but deeply touched and humbled by the support and love. 💔 Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I begin the healing process today. 🙏 ♾️ ❤️”.

The quarterback then wrote a quote. “The night is darkest before the dawn. And I shall rise yet again,” he said before concluding, “Proud of my guys, 1-0 🛩️ #.”

The Jets head coach Robert Saleh recently spoke out, admitting he hopes Rodgers still sticks around the club to help mentor and coach quarterback Zach Wilson, who will be taking over the starting position.

“I think it’s essential,” the coach said. “I think it’s important for him. Mental health and healing, I think that’s very important. But his presence, his words… As I said, he’s as much a football coach as a player, and I think anyone would want his presence, thoughts, words, and leadership.”

Following the surgery, the quarterback hinted that he plans to return to the game immediately. “There’s a lot of different ideas about the overall length of the rehab. I’d like to say that just because nobody’s ever done it in a certain way doesn’t mean it’s impossible,” Rodgers said. “I have some odds stacked against me based on age, but I like it. Stack all the odds up against me and see what happens. My entire focus and dedication are about acquiring the most information and adding to what I’ve already put together as a pretty damn good rehab plan that will shock some people.”

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