Sister Wives: Robyn Beat Christine at Her Own Game?


Sister Wives star Robyn Brown took Christine Brown‘s place not long after she first surfaced as wife number four on the TLC series. It looks like she threw a monkey wrench into Christine’s fine-oiled machine. After what viewers learned on last Sunday’s show, things became much more evident.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown a Numbers Gal?

A while back Robyn Brown described what other polygamous marriages looked like when she was growing up. She said in the polygamy community, men usually had two wives.

While some men took three wives, that was usually the max. But every so often a man would take on four wives, which is rare in her opinion.

So, when she was offered spot number four on the Kody Brown roster, she took it with some concerns.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown | TLC
Sister Wives | TLC

She worried that the Sister Wives patriarch would likely spread himself very thin when taking care of four women and their children. History suggests it ‘wasn’t too strong of a deterrent for Robyn as she married Kody anyway.

And as fate would have it, her marriage morphed into one of monogamy. So, those worries don’t seem to be a factor anymore.

Christine Brown Couldn’t care less About the Numbers

Christine Brown also grew up in the polygamy community. So, she had her ideas of what she wanted out of plural marriage.

Then, when it was time to enter into the Brown family in spiritual wedded bliss, she got just what she wanted. Christine didn’t care too much about what number wife she was as long as she was the last wife.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

When she became the third wife of Kody’s Sister Wives family, she thought she would be it. Christine wanted to be the new wife, which in her eyes came with a lot of special perks.

The last wife in a family is new and exciting, not to mention that the honeymoon period is pretty special too. She came to Kody Brown and his family as wife number three with those thoughts in tow.

From what Sister Wives fans learned this week, it looks like Christine once had most of Kody’s attention like Robyn Brown does today.

Sister Wives: Bittersweet Gifts Galore

It sounds like Robyn Brown is not the first favorite wife of Kody Brown. From what Christine Brown said, it sure looks like she got a lot of favoritism from her ex-husband before Robyn came along.

She told a bittersweet story on last Sunday’s Sister Wives episode. One Christmas, before Robyn came along, he had a ton of gifts to give out. When the time came to pass them out, Christine said just about all the gifts Kody had were for her.

But at the same time, he had absolutely nothing for Meri Brown. This hurt his first wife to no end. Apparently, Janelle Brown saw the sadness in Meri and had Kody go get the gift he left for Meri in her bedroom. Meri said Kody came out and handed her an unwrapped hoodie.

It was a little too late for Meri, who recalled that sad story for the Sister Wives cameras, as did Christine. Besides overindulging Christine in gifts, he also did something he only does for Robyn today. After Robyn joined the family, Christine became very upset over the lack of time he spent with her.

Robyn Took Over Christine’s Place?

It sounded as if Kody had started to spend all his time with Robyn and Christine voiced her discontentment. So, Kody spent about 25 days out of one month with his third wife.

This riled up the other three wives. But Kody said it made her happy.

So, it looks like Christine lost a lot when Robyn entered the family. It sounds like Robyn took her place as Kody’s last wife. That’s the spot Christine wanted. Wife number three meant nothing to her, what she was after was becoming the last wife in a polygamous family.

With that said, it looks like Robyn Brown turned Christine Brown’s life upside down. In a roundabout way, it sounds as if Robyn Brown took Christine Brown’s place in the famous Sister Wives family from the TLC series.

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