Robyn Brown Ripped Apart by Sister Wives?


Sister Wives star Robyn Brown might feel the other three ladies hung her out to dry after they got through with her on Sunday night’s episode of the TLC series. But fans of the show heard loud and clear that Christine Brown and Janelle Brown can’t trust her. They also heard how she did something that hurt Meri. Then the viewers also found out that it seems Kody Brown perpetuates this dislike of his youngest wife by constantly throwing her in the other women’s faces.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Painted in an Awful Light?

Some fans say Robyn Brown looked clueless and a bit like a fool, suggested the fans after watching Sunday night’s episode. The editing of this Sister Wives episode had her saying she had “no idea what happened.”

But in the following scenes, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and yes even Meri Brown offered the different ways she’s slighted them. Janelle surprised the Sister Wives viewers when she even accused Robyn of betraying her. So, fans suggest that Robyn acts like a victim.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown
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But it was three against one, as the other three women seemed to set the score straight with what they had to say. Some of it was shocking, although fans surmised this was the way Robyn operated. But it was still unexpected to hear it come out of the mouths of the other women.

Co-Wives Pile Up Their Truths About Robyn

For Christine Brown, it seems like she found nothing at all redeeming about Robyn Brown. There was no way she’d attempt to have a relationship with her. She said she “didn’t trust her” and that says a lot, as far as the Sister Wives fans are concerned.

Janelle told the story of reaching out to Kody’s fourth wife over the family finances a while back. She went to Robyn and explained that buying the home that she intended to purchase and eventually did, would soak up too much of the family’s finances. The mortgage for the Coyote Pass land needed to be paid off before they could build. So, they needed all the money they could get their hands on.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brown In Brown Clothes
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Janelle said she was not confrontational, and that all she did was explain the dire situation the family was in financially. But Janelle described how her youngest sister wife betrayed her. Not only did she tell Kody Brown about this conversation, but she also used Janelle’s name. She told Kody she “didn’t want them to buy the house.”  Janelle was floored after she learned from Kody what she told him.

Hurtful Reveal on TLC

Meri Brown sat visiting with Robyn in one clip from Sunday night’s Sister Wives. The mom of one had no idea why the only co-wife he still talks to had the need to tell her something that would hurt her. Meri said that what Robyn had to say “stings,” she also said it was “hurtful,” plus she had no idea why Robyn would tell her this.

Meri learned that Ysabel Brown, along with two of her siblings stopped by Robyn Brown’s house sometime after Christmas. The original first wife always had a close relationship with Ysabel. Now she hears she was in town and didn’t contact her. What’s worse yet, Robyn tells her this. So, it looks like all three wives had reasons to remain peeved at the youngest bride.

Sister Wives: Wife # 4 Soaks Up Kody’s Time and Family Finances?

Robyn Brown said that she felt Kody “wasn’t spending a lot of time” with her. Christine said she doesn’t trust her, as Kody was at her house more than any other wife’s home. But the fourth wife denied it. Fans accuse Robyn Brown of once again talking out of both sides of her mouth, like the comical tweet below.

Both Christine and Janelle felt that Kody put a contingency on his love for them that they wouldn’t abide by. They said Kody told them if they want him to act like a husband then become “a better sister wife.” They say he was alluding to Robyn Brown. Neither will do that, and it’s likely a dealbreaker for Janelle, who is contemplating leaving Kody at the time Sister Wives filmed this scene.

Plus, Meri is fed up with Robyn pushing for Christine and Kody to fix their relationship. She can’t believe that Robyn just doesn’t get it, it’s between their shared husband and Christine. Janelle said when one wife gets the lion’s share of a shared husband’s time and more than her share of the finances, it makes “the playing field unfair.” Ultimately it makes it hard for sister wives to have a relationship with each other.

Floodgates Open About Robyn

So, this week the floodgates opened on the Sister Wives show. What poured out appears to be a lot of pent-up anger over Robyn Brown. But TLC editing had her still going on and on about how slighted she is while presenting evidence in the next scene that may prove her wrong to fans.

So, some Sister Wives fans think the TLC series did a bang-up job at discrediting the last wife standing. They put the other three wives on the screen offering evidence to back up the reasons they have for not liking the youngest wife from the Sister Wives family.

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