Rep. Lauren Boebert Says She’s Not Going on Second Date with ‘Beetlejuice’ Theatergoer After He Was Revealed To Be a Democrat


Rep. Lauren Boebert is speaking out following her Beetlejuice date night, which ended in her being kicked out of a Colorado theater for vaping and inappropriate behavior.

The conservative member of the United States House of Representatives was escorted out of the theater after being accused of vaping and acting inappropriately with her male companion. Security camera footage from inside the theater confirmed that she was vaping and the pair were seen groping each other during the performance while surrounded by families.

It was later revealed that Lauren‘s date is a Democrat who owns a bar that has hosted drag shows in the past.

Now, Lauren says the man will not be getting another date, but she holds no ill will towards him.

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“All future date nights have been canceled and I learned to check party affiliations before you go on a date. All in all, it was a mostly lovely time and I’ve taken responsibility for my actions. I’d love to know how the musical ended and I encourage people to go see it,” she told TMZ on Monday (September 18).

She added, “Well, TMZ, I’m pretty sure you told the world I went on a date with a Democrat… He’s a wonderful man and it was a great time to go out, have dinner, enjoy part of a show.”

Lauren says that even though she’s parting ways from the guy, it has nothing to do with anything that has been reported. “He’s a private citizen and we’ve peacefully parted at this time,” she said, adding that he’s a “great man” and “great friend.”

Amid the controversy, Lauren has been removed from a speaking event happening this month in Texas.

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