Is Violet Pregnant? Riley, 90 Day Fiance Fans Have Serious Doubts


On the pre-Tell All finale of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6, Violet told Riley that she was pregnant.

This elicited a resounding “huh?” from viewers. And Riley felt similarly surprised.

He shared the bizarre story of returning home, Violet dumping him, Violet telling him that she was pregnant, and more.

Viewers are even more suspicious than Riley is. Is Violet even really pregnant?

On 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6, Episode 16, Riley was back home in the US. (TLC)

As Sunday’s episode began, Riley shared with the cameras how Violet had sent him “some very nasty” text messages.

She considered their relationship over. And she wanted him to block her.

All things considered, that was not a huge surprise. They parted on fairly good terms in Vietnam, but things did not really go well for them.

Violet dumped Riley via text message shortly after his return to the US. (TLC)

Then, Violet abruptly changed her tune. Despite having asked if he would block her, Violet wanted him back.

“She wrote, ‘I’m sorry I hurt you. We could be together. I really want a husband and the family,’” Riley shared. He backed up his description with screenshots of their chat.

“She’s acting, like, super nice,” Riley described with suspicion. “Where is this coming from? I thought we were done. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Even after breaking up with Riley, Violet continued to send him messages. Mixed messages. (TLC)

“Do I still have love for her? Absolutely,” Riley told producers.

He admitted that he felt “extremely hurt by her actions when I visited her, and I just don’t get it.” Yeah.

“At this time, I really don’t know if this relationship with Violet is fixable,” Riley confessed. “We both have a lot to work on, and when I tried to do it in person, she never wanted to talk about it.” 

A 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days card informed viewers that Riley had a surprising update. (TLC)

Just a few weeks later, Riley had a surprise update for producers. But no one felt more astonished than Riley himself.

Violet had messaged him again. This time, she claimed that she was pregnant. And she claimed that he was the father.

Despite viewers not seeing any signs of intimacy (she wouldn’t even let him say “I love you”), there was a small chance that he left Violet with an unintended keepsake.

Riley was clearly awash with mixed emotions as he shared Violet’s alleged pregnancy news. (TLC)

Apparently, the night before he left, Violet came to his hotel room. A cuddle session turned into unprotected sex.

It was, Riley reported, a lot of fun. And it also opened the door for this pregnancy to be real. Maybe.

“The reason why I have doubts right now is because Violet has lied to me in the past,” Riley pointed out.

Violet did not kiss Riley goodbye or even signal a willingness to do so. (TLC)

“And also, from what my doctors have told me, I cannot get a woman pregnant because of the medication that I’m on,” Riley revealed.

“It’s not that it can never happen,” he clarified. “I would have to be off the medication for a certain period of time to bring up my sperm count. So, I’m kind of like, how?”

Charitably, Riley added: “But miracles do happen and life finds a way. So I don’t know if she’s actually pregnant. Or maybe she is and it’s not mine. … But I don’t want to be wrong and be a piece of crap.”

Riley told Tiffanie about Violet’s alleged pregnancy news. (TLC)

He shared all of this with is friend, Tiffanie. She, too, had a lot of reactions and thoughts on the matter.

Riley found a prenatal doctor in Vietnam — one who spoke English and could communicate with him.

However, Violet refused to visit this doctor. Also? She began pressuring Riley to marry her.

Riley could not help but acknowledge that Violet’s behavior is suspicious. (TLC)

“I want to be excited about this,” Riley admitted to the camera. “But this whole baby thing is just not adding up.”

He reasoned: “I don’t want to get that emotionally attached.” That is very smart!

“Based on the history of my relationship with Violet,” Riley confessed, “I don’t even really know for sure if I was the only man she was seeing.”

Tiffanie offered Riley what little comfort that she could. He was lost in a sea of mixed feelings. (TLC)

Frankly, viewers do not know for sure if Violet is actually pregnant. And the Tell All doesn’t make that clear, either.

Riley has promised to pursue a paternity test. Some of these can take place (even non-invasive ones) during the first trimester.

But … is she actually pregnant at all?

In a promo for the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6 Tell All, Violet had a lot of questions to answer. (TLC)

We would never suggest that anyone gamble about what goofy 90 Day Fiance cast members might do.

But … signs are pointing to “no.” There’s no smoking gun, but it seems unlikely.

That doesn’t mean that she was necessarily lying. There could be (and likely is) so much that we don’t know.

Riley and Violet really had their ups and downs. And the roller coaster never stopped. (TLC)

In fact, in August, Riley posted some very angry messages, declaring “I say this with every fiber of my being, I don’t want you.”

It looks like Violet taking issue with her on-screen behavior (or with editing) was part of that.

But, clearly, these two had problems that had nothing to do with reality TV.

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