Fans Become More Impatient As Drake Postpones Album Release AGAIN


Not again, Drake! To the dismay of fans, they have been hit with the news of another postponement of the rapper’s eighth studio LP, titled, ”For All the Dogs.” And they are not taking the news all too well. 

Following this recent development, they might need all the support they can get from loved ones as they process the unpleasant announcement.

Although the ”One Dance” rapper has provided a reason for his decision, his fans refused to be understanding and voiced their displeasure on Twitter. 

Drake Sparked Emotional Reactions After Declaring October 6 His New Release Date For His Upcoming Album

The ”Rich Flex” rapper was full of explanations and reasons as to why the release date for his eighth studio album had to be moved forward.


He took to his Instagram Story to drop a message, providing the rationale for the postponement of the anticipated album alongside sharing the album’s cover art, which featured a white dog with red eyes drawn by his 5-year-old son, Adonis Graham. 

Drake penned, ”Okay my dilemma I am faced with is either cancel shows to finish the album or I complete the mission and drop the album before the last show.”

He continued, ”I owe you all these memories. We are building and anywhere we have missed to date we will be spinning back for sure.” The songwriter conclusively added, ”For All the Dogs October 6th. Its only right…”

His post was received with an outcry from his staunch supporters on the X platform, where fans hardly filter their unapologetic opinions.  One fan disappointedly penned, ”Drake has literally pushed back every album he has made. He even pushed back TML (Thank Me Later), so idk why I’m surprised. But it will always surprise me.”

Another wrote, ”Waiting on Drake ‘For All The Dogs’ album in October 6th now,” alongside a photo of a sad dog staring into a mirror. A third fan dramatically uploaded a short clip of a sports commentator having a meltdown, with the caption, ”Drake pushed back the album.”

Meanwhile, a displeased fan posted a photo of a random angry-looking man while they lamented, writing, ”Why would Drake announce a release date for an album that’s not even done yet?”

Drake announces postponement of album
Instagram | Drake

A netizen chimed, ”bro when are we getting that drake album, if he pushes it back one more time…” On the other hand, a downcast fan calmly expressed their sadness over the recent development. They wrote, ”Drake keeps playing:(😔 JUST DROP THE ALBUM 🙁.”

An X user expressed their thoughts out loud, writing, ”I thought Drake said For All The Dogs was gonna be a summer album… 🙁.”

Fans’ outburst comes weeks after they initially falsely accused the ”Hotline Bling” rapper of failing to deliver his eighth studio album on the day, which was not the release date. It would be recalled that ”For All the Dogs” was originally slated for release on September 22 but was pushed back by Drake.

Impatient fans were quick to call out the ”Jimmy Cooks” rapper for allegedly failing to keep his promise. One fan claimed, ”Somebody lied and said a Drake album was supposed to be dropping today.” Another accused social media of giving them false hope, writing, ”The internet really played me about this Drake album. Literally called out to listen all day.”

A third fan revealed, ”Opened Spotify and didn’t see the new Drake Album.” Meanwhile, a fourth commenter shared a hilarious gif of a man sitting on a swing alongside the words: ”Me casually waiting all day for @Drake’s new album. Drop it already!”

A handful of Drake’s fans pleaded for the Toronto native to drop ”For All the Dogs,” with a fan claiming they spent their birthday wish hoping to receive the album on the scheduled date.

Drake Shared His Upcoming Album Cover Art Designed By His Son

Pushing the drama surrounding the release date for his highly anticipated album aside, Drake seems to have found himself a creative artist on his team, and it happens to be his five-year-old son, Adonis!

The proud father excitedly unveiled the cover art for his upcoming album, which was greatly received and commended by fans, considering it was done by a preschooler.

Drake, who shares Adonis with French painter and former model Sophie Brussaux, unveiled the cover for the new album on Instagram. In the drawing revealed by the rapper, the photo showed a childish depiction of a dog with red eyes sketched against a black background, and it was captioned, ”FOR ALL THE DOGS – Cover by Adonis.”

As expected, fans were delighted with the artwork, which amassed over two million likes, and also prompted a few to take to the comment section to serenade the young artist with sweet messages.

An admirer called the piece ”Beautiful,” while another believed it was a ”masterpiece.” A third fan named Adonis, ”Young Picasso 🔥.”

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