Christina Milian Talks Rumored Feud With Jennifer Lopez Over Her Vocals Being On J.Lo’s Song ‘Play’


Christina Milian is looking back on the time that she wrote one of Jennifer Lopez‘s hit singles.

If you were unaware, the 41-year-old “Dip It Low” hitmaker is responsible for the 54-year-old “Dance Again” diva’s song “Play.” Her voice is also featured on the final version of the song, but Christina did not get a feature.

This has led some to wonder if there was bad blood between the pair. More than two decades after “Play” premiered, Christina is clearing the air.

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Speaking with Page Six, Christina made it very clear that she loved Jennifer‘s take on “Play.”

“Hands down, she killed it. She’s so good. I love that song,” she gushed. “And I couldn’t believe at 19 years old I wrote a song for J.Lo.”

She also spilled on how the song came together, explaining that it was written around the same time as her hit single “AM to PM.” It came to her very quickly.

“And I was like, ‘This just sounds too easy,’” she recalled. “It was just too easy to write at that moment. I wrote the song in, like, 15 minutes and it was a joke to me because I had just started to become a writer.”

Christina added that it was snatched up by Jennifer‘s team, and that she got to work with them to perfect the song as she recorded.

What about her voice being on the song? Again, it’s not an issue to Christina, who opined that ““It’s no different than Michael Jackson having background singers on songs or Britney Spears.”

“This is what music is made of. You want a blend of voices. It makes songs better, to me,” she explained.

There is also no need for a feature credit as far as she’s concerned: “I’m on the credits for whatever nature, as a writer and for singing backgrounds. There is credit for that. I’m also just so happy that she did it because she’s an icon, she’s amazing.”

If you need any more evidence that there is no feud between the two, Christina was on the guestlist for a party celebrating Jennifer‘s Revolve collab back in March.

Were you aware that Jennifer has a new album in the works?!

Give “Play” a listen again below…

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