Camila Mendes & Sydney Sweeney Bend Over In Raunchy Prom-Themed Photo


“Riverdale” star Camila Mendes was in attendance for Sydney Sweeney‘s birthday party and the two clearly had a great time.

The “Euphoria” actress turned 26 on September 17 with an ’80s prom-themed party and a star-studded guest list.

Camila Mendes and Sydney Sweeney Bend Over

Instagram | Camila Mendes

The blonde and brunette posed for a raunchy photo during Sydney Sweeney’s birthday party, revealing their backsides. Mendes wore a red puffy prom dress, complete with sheer leggings while Sweeney wore a puffy pink prom dress. Both of their hairstyles resembled typical 80s blowouts as both were curled to perfection with a ton of volume.

“your bday was bitchin’ ❤️‍🔥 @sydney_sweeney,” Mendes wrote on social media alongside the steamy photo.

Fans immediately took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the post. One user commented, how do we get you to do an 80’s movie? Like comedy, romance or even horror ?” while another one wrote, “Now I realize this is what Riverdale was missing, the 80s Veronica Lodge, and here we are.🤩☺️”.

A third commented, “damn cam 😂” while one user chimed in with, “girls just wanna have fun ! ! 🩷”.

“It was Sydney’s birthday, you were still the show, you were the prettiest and hottest girl.❤️💃🔥,” another commented.

Sydney Sweeney held her birthday party at Serra on Vine, hosted with Revolve. Mirror balls were scattered all over alongside draped pink curtains decorating the ceiling.

Sydney Sweeney Goes To Prom

Camila Mendes & Sydney Sweeney Bend Over In Raunchy Photo
Instagram | Sydney Sweeney

The birthday girl shared some photos herself to Instagram, as she wore the puffy pink 80s-themed prom dress, paired with pink heels and a tiny pink purse.

“will you go to prom with me,” she asked in her Instagram caption, which prompted thousands of fans to respond in the comments section. “This seems like a look straight out of Euphoria. SO PINK! 🩷,” one user wrote while another said, “Oh no Barbie’s out into the real world again.”

Several people brought up “Oklahoma!”, writing things such as “Did you get the part in Oklahoma?”, “Are you auditioning for Oklahoma?”, and “Why do you look like you’re auditioning for Oklahoma?”

Others commented things such as “You looked incredible, as always 😍❤️” and “Ooooooo these are good”.

Sydney Sweeney On ‘Euphoria’

Sydney Sweeney Is THE Bombshell In A Busty Bralette Top While In Mexico City For Armani's New Fragrance

Sydney Sweeney is known for her time as Cassie in “Euphoria”, where she shot several nude scenes. She recently appeared on “TODAY”, where she admitted she didn’t warn her father about those raunchy scenes, forcing him to actually “walk out” of the room with her grandfather.

“I didn’t prepare my dad at all,” she admited with a laugh on the show. “So he decided he was going to watch it without telling me, with his parents,” she continued. “My dad and my grandpa turned it off and walked out. But my grandma, she’s a big supporter of mine.”

She went on to express how much she loves her character on the show. “I love playing Cassie, especially last season because she was so crazy,” she said. “And as an actor, that’s just so much fun to kinda stretch your legs and play characters that go insane.”

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