227 days old incident the possible cause of Nia Jax injuring Rhea Ripley? Vengeance for embarrassment


Nia Jax returned on the September 11, 2023, edition of Monday Night RAW and ambushed Rhea Ripley with a forceful strike. Having caught The Eradicator by surprise, The Irresistible Force crushed The Eradicator by perching herself atop Ripley’s chest.

However, Jax picking to attack Ripley upon her return may not be a randomly picked event. It’s possible that Nia Jax wanted to crush Rhea Ripley after what went down at the Royal Rumble 2023.

It so happened that Jax made a one-off appearance during the Women’s Battle Royal Match at Royal Rumble 2023. While no one could take her down, The Eradicator showered her with blows on the back before executing a Riptide on her.


Following that, Ripley signaled to the other women in the ring to eliminate Jax, and 11 superstars teamed up to throw Jax over the top rope. Rhea watched from the ring while Nia did DX’s infamous “suck it” gesture rather frustratedly.

Considering Ripley ruined Jax’s first appearance since being released in 2021, attacking her on Monday Night RAW can be connected.

Rhea Ripley sent a message to Dominik Mysterio after WWE RAW

The Women’s World Champion was absent from the September 18, 2023, edition of Monday Night RAW. However, the other members of The Judgment Day were present during the red show, and Dominik Mysterio continued to be all about “Mami.”

During a segment with Cody Rhodes, The American Nightmare claimed Ripley was eyeing Jey Uso and that Dom was more invested in Rhea Ripley than she was in him.

However, Dom Dom did not hesitate to take a stand and claimed The Judgment Day is a family where everyone has each other’s back. Ripley took to social media to send a one-word message to Dominik after the show.

You can find the full tweet here:

Dominik Mysterio suffered a loss at the hands of Cody Rhodes on this week’s Monday Night RAW.

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